Alexandrina de Balasar




An Irish woman called Bernardette sent to Balasar the following letter where she speaks about two health troubles she had suffered. She is now living well thanks to the intercession of Bd Alexandrina. Read the letter:


I have a beautiful 5 years old daughter today, thanks to the intercession of Alexandrina. During my pregnancy, I had a threatened miscarriage at 14 weeks. A friend gave me the prayer to Alexandrina and within 2 weeks the haemorrhaging had stopped. I went on to deliver a beautiful baby girl normally.

When I was 19, the doctors found a tumour on my pituitary gland, which was operated on in January ’96. The operation did more harm than good, and it became necessary for me to take a drug, twice daily – otherwise I would drink water incessantly and urinate incessantly. It is a condition called diabetes insipidus, for which there is no cure. In may 2003, I became extremely ill and was hospitalised a number of times until the doctors finally recognised that my tumour had disappeared, with the result that I didn’t need to take the drugs any longer as my body was now producing its own natural equivalent. The moment I stopped taking the drug, I became physically better and now continue to live without the drug 4 years later. I pleaded with Alexandrina when I was sick and my prayers were answered. I asked my endocrinologist was this normal for my body to fix itself and he said it only happens one in three hundred cases.

I remain in Alexandrina’s debt to this day. I hope whoever reads this letter finds comfort in my words, hope for the future and faith in the power of prayer to Alexandrina.





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