Alexandrina de Balasar



We include here samples of Alexandrina’s poetical and mystical output. It is an anthology of small stretches, harvested mainly from the Autograph Diary.





Speak, speak, my heart,
Say, at least in these lines, how much you desire to love your Jesus! 
Speak, speak, my heart,
Tell your Jesus you only want Him, and only in Him do you want to rest!
Do not tire, do not stop speaking about love!
Love which is real love, true and pure love,
Cannot keep silent, cannot stop expressing itself.
It has to speak and be forever proving that it loves:
It loves day and night, it loves in pain and in joy, it loves in exaltation
And, if it is a truly pure love, it loves still more when it is mortified.
O love, how great and strong you are!

O Jesus, where can I find the school of your love?
It is with certainty in your divine Heart,
it is there that I can learn to love You
and with that love which my heart whispers.
O Jesus, O Jesus, give me a place in that school,
let me enter and live there,
to love You,
To die of love.

Jesus, I want to resemble a little child
Who, in the arms of its mother,
does not know anything else to say
but: mother, father.
I want to say always, always: Jesus, Jesus, love, love!
My heart is yours, I am yours entirely.

I wish my heart
was a fountain that never stopped throwing up
waters of sweetness and fires of love
for the Heart of my divine Jesus.
What a great blessing if I loved Him
with the love of every heart!

Jesus, what I can give You?
What have I got that is not yours?
I have sin, I have misery,
And it is this all I give You.
Would it not be brazenness on my part?
O Jesus, but I have nothing more
And I want to give You some thing…
I compassionate with You and with the entire world.

There is no end to my hunger for Jesus:
Nothing else fills me, nothing else satisfies me.
My ways do not finish:
the more I walk, the more I feel hunger
and the farther I am from the desire of my soul.
O Heaven, O Heaven, when will you come
to satisfy me?
O Jesus, come quickly!

I don’t know what else to say, my Jesus,
Except to offer the eternal thanks of my soul and heart,
And to say that I love You with my soul and heart.
But my love does not have boundaries,
it wants to soar up, it wants to go so far,
until it reaches You.
Jesus, make me love You:
I cannot do it alone.

With a bleeding heart,
but always trusting in You, my Jesus,
I will cry out night and day:
I love You, and my heart is yours!
Oh, my beloved heavenly Mother,
love my beloved Jesus with your Heart.
Only thus He can be loved as He deserves.
O heavenly Mother, I want to say many things to You!

Let me, Jesus, let me shout out always,
with all my soul, with all my heart:
Jesus is my love,
the only one to whom I want to belong
and for whom I want to live.
Only He has enchantments for me,
only to Him is all my being yielded.
May everything in me die
So that in me only Jesus lives!

O Jesus, my dear love:
I want to have the purity of the Angels,
the ardour of the Cherubs and the Seraphim
to love You and to sing your eternal praises.
I want, O Jesus, I want the infinite wisdom
to know how to sing the Lord’s glories and praises.
I want to give to the Highest One
the honour due to the Almighty Father,
the Creator and Lord of all my being
and of the entire world.
O Jesus, only You are holy,
only you are worthy of all love!
Accept, o Jesus, accept the burning of my heart.
Accept my desire to serve You well,
Of loving You more and better.
O good Jesus, O holy Jesus,
O Jesus-love, love, love…!

My sweet Jesus, so late have I known You
and late, so much later have I loved You!
Make it now so that I live only for You
and for your love!

If I had never offended Jesus in all my life,
still with more joy,
if I could suffer with more joy,
I would suffer,
For love alone, and not the satisfaction of my sins,
Let me suffer for Jesus.
Oh, God and my Lord,
how much my heart wishes to love You!

O Eucharist, O Eucharist, O love, O love!
O, my joy, O, my madness!
I want to suffer everything to be united to You,
I want to suffer everything to love You!
For such a fortune, all pain, all immolation is nothing.

When I think about Jesus in the Eucharist,
I remain confused, crazed with love.
What am I saying? It is more than the madness of love!
I do not know how Jesus, our good Jesus,
can love us as He does.
What do You see in us, my Jesus,
What has so enchanted You?
What was that it that compelled You
To make Yourself a prisoner for so many centuries?
O, what love!
O Jesus, give me a heart
that loves You and knows how to correspond
to the sweetnesses and madnesses
of your infinite love.

I want to live imprisoned for You,
Just as You live for me.

I want to do everything for You, my Jesus,
I only want to belong to You and to love You.
Oh, the anxiety of being yours
and of not living except for your love!
What a difference between my desires
and what I am!
I want everything, all love
and I am full of all misery,
and outside of misery and love I am nothing.

Seize, O Jesus, my tongue
so that it does not move but to speak of You,
of your things, of your greatness, your Eucharist.
Give me, O Jesus, the great virtue of charity,
so that in everything I find an excuse,
even for those who offend me!

Only with death will my anxiety to love Jesus finish.
Oh, my God, and I cannot do more!
I want to be mad with love, I want to die of love.
These anxieties are born among my sharpest thorns,
among the flames of my pain.

Life runs away and love dies.
Time passes and each moment I am poorer.
Give me, Jesus, the grace of loving You
and of all my life being rooted in yours,
to live only by You and for You.

I wish I had many tongues,
all tongues, all hearts
Eternity is not enough to praise
and to love this love that is not loved,
this Jesus who is not known.
Who is able to understand this love?

O my Jesus,
will I not begin, on this day of your divine Heart,
to love You?
Will I not be rid forever of my coldness?
O no, O no, my Jesus, do not agree to that!
Enflame me, burn me
with the fire of your ardent love.

How beautiful is the pure soul
Flying to Jesus!
It makes the tabernacle its nest,
It has there its delights,
it is not afraid of flying off course.

My God, I feel myself diminished and overwhelmed
with the weight of humiliations!
Black clouds had closed over the Sky.
My shout for help seems not to reach You.
I place myself blindly in your divine Heart.
I hope not to vacillate in my faith.
I want to say ceaselessly:
I love You, I love You, I love You,
my Jesus, I love You!

Jesus, I look from one side to the other.
I do not see anybody.
I fear and tremble:
O what terror! The fight never stops.
I see my blood running through the darkness
and the pain, almost dying, follows it.
Blood and pain, death and eternity!
Listen, o Jesus, attend, O heavenly Mother,
It is an agonizing pain:
There is nobody who feels sympathy for my pain.
Look, O Jesus, see it soggy with blood.
Jesus, Jesus, do not leave me without receiving You.
To lose everything, everything, but to communicate.
To lose everything, but possess You!

Jesus, in which miserable state I find You!
Who wounded You so?
Oh, I know well! It was my sins.
I want to cry for them, want to hate them
and in exchange for so much love receive my heart,
which is yours:
I want to love You eternally!...

My heart is yours,
is your entirely.

Jesus, Jesus, love, love:
my heart is yours!

The silence.
Ah, yes, the silence takes my soul
to the closest union with Jesus.
Only silence teaches beautiful things…
and how He is worthy of being loved!

The collected life, the solitude
Allow us to enter into ourselves,
and, later, they lift up us to the heights,
to what is holier and more sublime,
which is God.
What greatness, what greatness!
Heaven inside me!

Only for love did I allow myself to be wounded
Only for love does my heart bleed,
Only for You, Jesus, is pain sweet,
Only in the cross with You, is my soul delighted.

Grievous is my pain, knowing You were offended;
Only for love shall I always say: martyrdom is marvellous.
Here You have, my sweet Jesus, my breast for shelter.

My heart was ungrateful to my God and Lord; 
That’s the way I repaid Him for His infinite love.
Now I only want to love Him and sooth His pain. 

 There is no need to say how much I love You, Jesus.
You see my heart and know how much it loves the cross.
Why is it suffering? It is only for You, my Jesus.

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