Alexandrina de Balasar



Chapter 6



My daughter, I require you to tell your spiritual father that, in proof of the love that you bear for my most Holy Mother, I want an act of Consecration of the entire world to be made every year, on one of the days of her feasts, chosen by you – the Assumption, Purification or Annunciation – asking that the Virgin without stain of sin to shame and confound the impure ones, so that they return to the to the true path and cease to offend Me.

Just as I asked Saint Margaret Mary to have the world consecrated to My Divine Heart, so I ask you that it be consecrated to Her on a solemn feast. (…) 

Do not neglect this task (Jesus well knows that it will be 4 years before this consecration is accomplished) C (1-8-35) 

When Alexandrina heard this invitation, the desire for the world be consecrated to Our Lady had already been popular in Europe for almost a century. It seems that it had been asked for by St. Catherine Labouré (vide NoC). Later there were several requests directed to the Pope from ecclesiastical authorities. Local consecrations in some dioceses had been made. But the consecration of the entire world had not yet been made by the Pope.

Jesus uses little ones: He chooses a humble, paralysed little shepherd confined among the four walls of her room, for this purpose! And he says to her: 

My daughter, I chose you for more sublime things!  I chose you to communicate to the Pope my desire to have the world consecrated to my most holy Mother. C (1-11-37)[1] 

The seer of Fatima, Sister Lucia, had revealed to Rome that it was the will of God that Russia be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but had never spoken of the world, as she clarifies in several of her writings to Fr Umberto Pasquale, the second director of Alexandrina who had a slight contact with Sister Lucia.  

Naturally, the intermediary between Alexandrina and the Pope is her director, Fr Pinho. 

After many uncertainties, he decided to communicate the request to the Holy See.

Rome appointed two people to Balasar to examine the case: the Rev. Fr Durão, who visited on 31st May 1937, and reported favourably; and Canon Vilar, on 5th January 1939. He thought highly of her, became her friend and participated in the ecstasy of the Passion of 13th January 1939. He wrote her 7 letters relating his difficulty in persuading the Holy Father to make such consecration. He did not see the result of his efforts, because he died on 7th March 1941.

This Consecration and the Ecstasies of the Passion

The phenomenon of the ecstasies of the Passion, with all those movements in a paralysed person, must excite astonishment and even disturb the spirit.  Padre Durão (in 1937), although declaring he was convinced of the honesty of the seer, said that “signs” were lacking. The “exterior sign” was to be given by Jesus in making her relive His Passion with appropriate actions.  That's why in the ecstasy of 13th January 1939, Canon Vilar heard phrases relative to the consecration. Let us read some of them collected from the notes of the teacher Çãozinha, who was present: 

— It was a hard Passion (...) but it is for the consecration. It is necessary: they want extraordinary signs. The sign is very clear (...) 

What more can I do, my Jesus, because the Pope delays like this?    To suffer this Passion until the Holy Father decides to do what Jesus wants (notes preserved in the Archive of the General Postulation). 

Let us contemplate Alexandrina’s humility: 

Oh Lord, if You had chosen others who were not such a sinner as I am, wouldn’t he (the Pope) believe more easily? How can your work thrive when you use such miserable workers? (Positio, p. 322; also, p. 51) 

The days 31st October and 8th December, 1942!

When Pius XI died, Alexandrina repeated many times:

“Cardinal Pacelli, Cardinal Pacelli!” 


When, later, this Cardinal was elected Pope, Alexandrina, in ecstasy, heard Jesus say: 

This is the Pope that will consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of my Mother! (C G, notices p. 115)   

During the ecstasy of 22nd May 1942 Jesus exclaimed: 

Glory, glory, glory to Jesus! Honour, honour and glory to Mary! 

The heart of the Pope, the golden heart has decided to consecrate the world to the Heart of Mary! What great happiness and joy for the world, to belong more than ever to the Mother of Jesus!  

The whole world belongs to the divine Heart of Jesus; all is going to belong to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. (NoC) 

On the day of 29th May Alexandrina prayed thus: 

Hail Mary, Mother of Jesus! Honour, glory, triumph to your Immaculate Heart!

Hail Mary, Mother of Jesus, Mother of the whole Universe!  

Who will not want to belong to the Mother of Jesus, the owner of the Victory? The whole world is going to be consecrated to her maternal Heart!

Keep, pure Virgin, keep, Virgin Mother, all your children in your most holy Heart! (prayer written during the ecstasy by Deolinda and Dr Azevedo;  C G, 116) 

On 31st October, at the conclusion of the Fatima jubilee (25th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima, in 1917), the whole world could hear, on the radio, the voice of the Holy Father consecrating the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the Portuguese language!  How did Alexandrina react? On 7th November she wrote to her director: 

When I learned about the consecration of the world to our beloved heavenly Mother in a telegram, Jesus allowed me to have some passing moments of consolation.  

I was out of myself; I didn’t know how to thank Jesus and our heavenly Mother.  I raised my hands to Heaven and said: blessed be Jesus, blessed be our heavenly Mother! 

It seemed that I myself went and placed the Holy Father entirely into the Heart of Jesus and our heavenly Mother! (Note the singular “Heart” that indicates the union of the two Hearts, of Jesus and Mary). C (7-11-42).   

Her diary of that same day, 7th November, begins like this: 

Be happy, beloved daughter, be happy dear daughter, because the desires of Jesus are realized! Be happy, because great blessings have come to this guilty earth! S (7-11-42)

On 8th December, feast of the Immaculate Conception, the consecration was renewed solemnly in S. Peter’s Basilica.

On 13th December 1942 Alexandrina had a vision, which can be interpreted as a presentiment of the triumph of Our Lady when her Fatima statue was taken by plane through several continents.  

Early in the morning of 13th December, it was not a dream; I think that it was not an illusion, oh, no!  I saw our heavenly Mother of Fatima raised up, I do not know in what way, to great height. Around her, a universe of people. She faced all tenderly.  I remained out of myself: it seemed that I had been carried to another region. C (2-1-43)[2]

[1] It must be noted that Alexandrina is not possessive of this mission. Indeed, Fr Umberto Pasquale says: “When Alexandrina knew, through me, that Sister Lucia of Fatima was charged with asking for the consecration of Russia to the Heart of Mary, she said with relief: Good! That means that when you talk to the world about the consecration, my name will not appear.”

[2] About the “Peregrinatio Mariae” in Italy, Fr Mario Mason, a Jesuit, who had taken part personally in the organization, left some writings about it. Let’s look at some excerpts from it:

In 1942 I saw, as in a dream, the statue of Our Lady going through all the country, as a missionary, and remaining two or three days, according to the importance of the centres. From May 1947 to October 1949, in Milan and surrounding dioceses it was received as if it was truly alive, as both Mother and Queen. All the organizational difficulties were overcome as if by enchantment.... and the flood of worshippers grew. The holy Cardinal Schuster himself was moved to say: «Here is the hand of God!»

This initiative passed from Milan to the whole of Italy. To prepare souls for the solemn act of the consecration of Italy to the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was made in Catania on 13th Setember1959 by Pope John XXIII, I proposed to the National Marian Committee that the statue of Our Lady of Fatima should pass though all the dioceses of Italy, by helicopter, for 150 days or more, without interruption: it was like a live Rosary of the Virgin among Her sons. All the regions competed to outdo each other with manifestations of love and deep piety. (...) the evocative scenes of welcome, the continuous pilgrimages and the vigils in all parts transformed the towns into so many shrines. (...) this caused me to live those 150 days in an anticipated vision of the Paradise. (...)

As a remembrance of that itinerary  the National Temple of Mary, Mother and Queen, came into being in Mount Grisa, in Trieste, to unite and protect all the  peoples of  Europe and of the world (...)”.

Many had been “touched”. We remember how the Holy Padre Pio, leaning out of the window of his cell to look at the statue moving in the sky and, in anguish, asking for a cure... and was cured!


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