Alexandrina de Balasar



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As Fr Mariano Pinho’s mortal remains come to Balasar this month, let us look at one of the colloquies where Jesus promises that he will go on to be honoured on the altars of the Church. It dates from 7th May 1949, and there is at least one other, dated 1st November 1952, All Saints Day, with a very wonderful promise: “Tell your Dear Father (Pinho) that Lord’s elect await him. He will be counted among them; he will be honoured on the earth as one of my saints; like them, he will be raised to the altars”.

The subject of this 7th May entry is mainly the anxiety of possessing the Beloved and the reparatory suffering for the world’s sins.

As it was a first Saturday, do not fail to notice the usual encouragement Jesus gives to the people who fight alongside Alexandrina, in this case, Fr Pinho and Dr. Azevedo.

The hunger for purity and love that I feel is so great it compels me to repeat many times: Don’t leave me to die of this hunger which consumes me, my Jesus!

It was with this hungry that I prepared myself to receive Him this morning. And as soon as my Jesus came down into my heart, it seemed to me that He stole it and in the place of the heart left so great an emptiness that I could not support it; there was nothing within me.

I was gasping. Then I died of hunger indeed. Time was passing without my possessing the One that I yearned for so much. Then I heard His voice, the voice of my Longed-for One which said to me:

— My daughter, my daughter, you are all mine, your heart is mine, I make it to melt with mine; the two are just one.

Only I am enough to fill you and to satisfy your desires. I made you empty so as to fill you with my wealth: to give you the purity, the sweetness, the love that you so long for.

It consoles Me much to see you in these painful anxieties, and searching for Me!

Fill yourself, because here is the strength for your pain, I want you to give all this to souls: I love them with passionate intensity. But I am badly repaid. How much I suffer, seeing them follow the way to perdition! How much I suffer seeing my divine Blood tread underfoot, wasted! How much I suffer seeing  the justice of my Eternal Father falling on the guilty earth!

I cannot see how more sins can be committed against Me. What a madness of love: I love and I am not loved!
The divine Heart of my Jesus was a blazing flame! I heard his sighs and saw abundant tears stream down his sacred Face.

O my Jesus, O my love, don’t cry, stanch the tears and don’t cease to love. You have my body for your victim. It is little, it is nothing. But in your holy Passion all my sufferings will become meritorious and thereby able to make reparation for many sins.

The tears had stopped and Jesus’s fire of  love continued.

— You are my enchantment, little love-crazed child of Jesus and little love-crazed child of souls. You constrain Me to pardon and to forget, for a little while longer, so many iniquities.

Say, my daughter, to your dear Father (Pinho) that I have reserved a place for him in Heaven, close to the divine throne, among the saints, a place of glory and honour.

I will make it so that he goes from this earth to be honoured on the altars. It is the price of his confidence, his perseverance and faithfulness to my grace and all his suffering in silence.
How much he consoled my divine Heart!

Give him my love with abundance, so that he might pass it on to souls and carry out the mission that I have chosen for him.

Tell your doctor that I am with him and I always attend him in his afflictions and cares. If I always rescue with my Blessed Mother all those who invoke and trust in Us, still much more will we aid those who take care of my divine cause and support my spouse and most loved victim.

There is no reason to be afraid! I don’t leave him to live without thorns and I press him in such a way that I unite him closer to Me and don’t let him to flee for comfort to his family and friends.

How great is my love for all! How well I reward those who serve Me well!

Come, my blessed Mother, come now to our dear daughter.

The heavenly Mother of Sorrows came, with a purple mantle, gold embroidered, and with arrows in her Heart. She was sad, very sad. She took me on her lap, hugged me to Her, caressed me and said:
— I want you, my daughter, in my arms, as on Calvary I held my Jesus. Him, I held Him when died for humanity, you, I have to comfort, so that you will be able to continue to be a victim for the same humanity.
Don’t refuse Jesus your pain. The sins of the world are so many and so serious! It is in imminent danger. The Heart of our Jesus can no longer continue to suffer in union with mine alone.

Suffer, suffer for souls; don’t allow the  Blood of Jesus to be lost.
At this moment, the beloved  heavenly Mother broke into tears. I did not want to rest in her arms. I reached to her neck and said to Her:

No, no, Heavenly Mother, I do not want you to cry. I have nothing with which to wipe away your tears but your Jesus.

I took the tunic of Jesus and dried them with it.
Only Jesus, dear Heavenly Mother, He alone can alleviate your grief: Do not cry any more. Love Him with your love, love-Him with His love as He loves you and makes you one. I deny You nothing. I always want to be the victim of your sorrows.
The Heavenly Mother, smiling now, covered me with kisses and caresses. Jesus continued to speak to me:
— My daughter, in this month consecrated to my
beloved Mother, I ask you to ask for the loving souls of our Hearts to redouble their love and, in her honour, to do everything they can to alleviated her pain. She suffers like this because she sees Me suffering.
Suffer with Us, so that many souls imitate you. Ask of our Hearts what you want, nothing that is for your good will be denied you.
— O Jesus, look upon all my requests, remember those whom I remember now.
— Be quiet, don’t be afraid; trust in Me. Go in peace with your cross, live on it as on Tabor. Take all its tenderness, all the love of Jesus and Mary, to those you love, those who protect and support you.
— Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Heavenly Mother.


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