March 2, Friday

Night already, without remembering the day that was, though my soul remembered it.

I felt I was in a prison, very sad, lonely, tired and in great dejection. I suffered; they blindfolded me, I suffered for such ingratitude.

I began my preparation to receive the visit of my Jesus. During the preparation, it was already day, they came to get me from prison. My face, felt covered in  spittle. Outside large crowds of people waited for me. My God, how much raucous laughter I heard! From street to street, from house to house, amid great uproar, I was mistreated and interrogated by absolute masters, full of arrogance, convinced that they could achieve anything. Oh, what a little girl I was in the face of such greatness! I was condemned. I took the cross; under its weight, bent almost to my knees, I could barely move. And how many times I was dragged along! Oh how many tears I felt in my heart! Being treated so cruelly, I often repeated in my heart:

I love You, I suffer for Your love!

I carried the cross and, on top of Calvary, I saw the cross of Jesus. A light entered my breast to illuminate everything. I felt attracted to it, I wanted to embrace it, to possess it. I continued until I came to Calvary where I was extended on it. When they stretched my arms and legs to be riveted, and I felt that from the wounds of the nails ran fountains of blood, the devil came to me, running awkwardly; He came to redouble my suffering. Using the ugliest words, he told me we were going to engage in pleasure, and then stopped, leaving me struggling with his false arts. I, nailed hands and feet to the cross, was unable to move. Oh how I suffered! I could not fight but only stare at my Jesus crucified.

My love, I suffer for Your love! My love, I suffer to give You souls! Save me, Jesus, have pity on me! Heavenly Mother, I do not want to offend Thee!

After much fighting, the evil one began again to hurl insults at me and say:

— I have said nothing, nor have I touched you: It is you who wants to sin, it’s you who desires pleasure.

Once he had satisfied his desires, or because the Lord commanded him, he left me. But the sadness and bitterness did not leave me, the sense of abandonment did not leave me, nor did the tears and agony of my Heavenly Mother and Her painful looks, which were full of compassion for me. With what distress, with what agony I cried to heaven always, always until I was ready to expire, "Father, my Father, why have you forsaken me?" It was not me who thundered, it was my heart; it was not me who wanted to do this, but the pain and agony forced me. And in this trance, Jesus came down from heaven to earth, wrapped in a cloud. He lodged in my heart and told me:

— My daughter, sun of earth, fire of hearts, honor and joy of Heaven!

Sun that, with its bright rays, are heating and enlightening all mankind!

Fire that burns and purifies hearts!

Honor and joy of Heaven, because, seeing your pain, seeing your martyrdom, which is already written there now, and for all eternity, gladdens Me, honors Me, and glorifies Me.

All Heaven blesses My Holy Name for the immolated victim, for the life of lives, for the victim of souls.

I came from Heaven, my daughter; I came down from my throne of God, came to my palace, my heaven on earth, ascended the throne of my queen. I came from my glory to share with you my sorrows.

Tell me, my love, will you comfort Me? Will you console my divine Heart which is so sad? Will you give me everything until I am ready to give you My consolation?

Tell Me, tell Me with your golden tongue, with your heart of fire.

— Jesus, what will You ask that I don’t give You? I count always on your grace to be able to suffer everything, and give You all You desire from me.

May I live always in sadness and sorrow so that You, my Jesus, live only in consolation and joy!

— O my earth angel, you speak here and what you say the angels write in Heaven in letters of gold and precious stones.

See the world, see the mud, see the sludge – the evil that is all around!

Look how my divine Heart suffers. Look how it is wounded.

Because you give everything so willingly, so cheerfully, I deprived you of my joy, my consolation, just as I deprived you of the consolation and joy of those who are dear to you.

You will receive only my strength to be able to suffer, to be able to win.

You will receive only thorns, thorns from all sides: it was the vision I showed you.

You will live among them and you will expire among them.

Your pure soul will hurl through them, will fly to Heaven burning with love. It will be a seraphic angel flying to its homeland.

Your thorns are not thorns that dry up, your pain cultivates the soil of that huge forest I showed you; your blood waters the trees; your thorns, are thorns that produce roses.

What a sumptuous garden will be born from them!

The dew that falls over this garden is drops of blood, it is heavenly manna that comes quench it, to save it, to give it life.

You are bound for heaven, but your grace, your virtues remain in the earth: they are perfumes that extend to all mankind.

On your way to the Fatherland you will stay with Me in the Eucharist: you will be a Eucharistic dove who does not abandon her nest.

It is as a dove and a shepherd of souls that I want to paint you on the doors and curtains of my tabernacles. This is what I want, my daughter, queen of the world, queen of hearts.

I want, my daughter, I want your life to be known quickly, very quickly, because the world needs it.

It is through you, through you I show my love, my mercy, the cravings I have to see souls saved.

It costs a father so much to punish a son who errs and rebels against him! How will it not cost my Divine Heart to immolate, to sacrifice my beloved daughter, my innocent victim?

Behold, O world, my madness and love for you!

Those who oppose my divine purpose in what happens to you, stand against me; they oppose the salvation of souls.

All your martyrdom is for my love, is for the sake of souls.

Quick, quick save, for what I do to you, affects the whole world.

When Jesus said this, from his divine eyes flowed tears in great abundance. I said:

— My Jesus, I want to suffer’ just me; and I only want myself to cry. Leave me in distress, in sorrow and unceasing sadness, and You remain in complete joy and comfort.

Jesus stopped crying, he embraced me closely and withdrew. I remain nailed to my cross, steeped in my pain.


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