Alexandrina de Balasar


— 19 —

Nov. 7 - First Saturday

— Cheer up, beloved daughter, be happy, beloved daughter, along with Jesus and your Heavenly Mother. Be cheerful because Jesus’ wishes have been carried out (for the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary)!

Be cheerful because great blessings are on their way for the guilty world.

My daughter, my daughter, my beauty, delight of my eyes: Jesus sees in His crazy one the greatest joy in the world.

Jesus sees in His Benjamin all the charms of His divine Heart. This is why Jesus uses her as His divine channel. The world gets through her, the crucified one of Calvary, all the graces and love of Jesus.

Say, say, my daughter, to your spiritual father, as the one chosen by Me to be your light, that my divine love shines on him in great abundance, that he does my divine will in everything.

Yes, yes, Jesus is very pleased with him and disgusted with those who make his innocence suffer.

Say, say, my daughter, to your spiritual father, to that I have chosen to guide you to Me, tell him to tell the Pope that the promise is made, that he will go straight from earth to Heaven, he will not pass through Purgatory.

And, as a reward for doing my divine will, he will have all the light of the Holy Spirit, he will never do anything contrary to the divine will, he will have light to do the divine will throughout My reign on earth.

Jesus is very pleased with him; he will receive a great reward from Jesus, through His love-crazed little one, when she is in Heaven near His throne.

Jesus will take His beloved to Heaven.

Jesus will arrange it so that men end the war.

Speak, speak, my daughter, to your doctor: I will prove that I have great love for him for being the refuge, the strong arm of the divine cause, in those times where men have tried to destroy it. The cause of Jesus does not fall, it will rise more and more.

Triumph, triumph, love, love, love! It falls on the little love-crazed one of Jesus, on those who surround her, and love her, and on those for whom she intercedes, love, love, love without end.

— O my beloved Jesus, I'm confused, humiliated and without strength. I don’t know what else to say; forgive me my sins: I give You an eternal thanks.

Give us peace, grant me everything I ask of You, my Jesus.

Dec. 5 - First Saturday

— O the beauty, O the beauty, O the beauty, O the purity, O the charm of Jesus! The eternal engagement approaches, the heavenly nuptials. They are coming to fruition almost exactly as Jesus said they would. Love crazed divinity comes to His little love-crazed girl to lead her to her beloved. Now is the time of light, it is time of the surrender.

Speak, my daughter, speak, beloved. Tell your dear Father: I am crazy, crazy with love for him and with him I will triumph. It is time for him to take his place, it is time, for men, to leave him to do my divine will. Soon the war ends; there will be days of glory and triumph. Little daughter, little daughter, I and my blessed Mother are crazy with love for you! And we are crazy with love for those who love you, and crazy for those who support you. What places they have in Our blessed Hearts! Speak, little child, tell your dear Father that his suffering is written with golden letters in Heaven. Speak, little daughter, tell your doctor that I love him, that I take care of him and his family as he cares for you and for my Cause. What great consolation he has given to my Divine Heart! Take, little daughter, take my love, spread it among those you love and tell them that this is my love.

— Thank You, my Jesus. Give me that immensity of love: I’ll never get tired of spreading it on earth.

December 13

At dawn on the 13th, when I was praying the Hail Mary to the Heavenly Mother with ejaculations for several intentions, I saw the Heavenly Mother of Fatima, life-sized, suspended in air at a great height. Below and around Her was a universe of people towards whom she leaned and gazed at with total affection. My heart seemed too big to fit inside my chest; it hit the walls with such a force! I was attracted to Her, I wanted to get out from myself and be transported to another region and to live no longer on earth. I do not know how long I stayed there.

Dec. 25 – 1 a.m.

After making my request to Jesus - and I had so much to ask him! – I said:

I do not ask to see You in the crib, because I know and trust that You are in the crib of my heart, but I do ask You for grant me what I ask.

He deigned to tell me:

— My daughter, my daughter, always strong in your faith, always strong in your trust, Jesus does not deceive you and you don’t deceive yourself that it is Jesus. The ones who are confused are those who make you suffer. The day of triumph will not be slow in coming. Your tasks are completed in the earth; you will see them in Heaven with all brilliance, with all love.

Heaven is open for you, my beloved, you can almost enter. Receive all the love and grace of the Child Jesus with full permission to distribute them to those who surround you, who love you, you are loved by you.

— O my Jesus, I want words to thank You as You deserve, but I do not know any such words; I would like to give You all honor, glory and love, I would like to tell You everything. As I know nothing, I only say: Thank You, thank You for ever, my Jesus.

At the end of Holy Communion:

— Trust, trust, my daughter, I give you your dear Father. I have in mind the reparation and consolation that you gave to my divine Heart. I conquered the world and I conquer the hearts of men.

30 to December 31

About 1h30 a.m., I was bathed in sweat, I felt very acute pains throughout my whole body: I couldn’t rest. Sometimes I felt the need to sleep and immense tiredness in my head. As I could not sleep, I said to Jesus: Take delight, my love, while I suffer. Accept my pain to repair the great injures inflicted on You and the Heavenly Mother. It is all for your love and for sinners. So the time passed and I was united to the Eucharistic Jesus and to the Blessed Trinity. I felt happy in my pain. Suddenly - I didn’t think about it - two rows of very beautiful angels descended on my bed, fluttering their wings. The area before them opened up, as if it was the vault of Heaven: How beautiful! How beautiful! A white dove from the highest heights dropped many, many rays of light.

On a throne, below, was Jesus with a great cross in His hand. He was beautiful and the cross was beautiful. It was cross of redemption. At His side was seated the Heavenly Mother as Queen. Around them stood a large number of people dressed in different clothes. How beautiful was all this! On telling these things, my sister said:

— It is worth suffering all this pain, sweat and anguish of the soul to enjoy, even for a short time, such beautiful things!

What riches there are in Heaven! If only everybody knew it! They wouldn’t offend Jesus, if for no other reason than a desire of going to Heaven to enjoy the treasures there!

However this pleasure was for You, my Jesus. After a few moments, doubts were tormented me. Was I wrong? Was I seeing an illusion? My God, I do not want to mislead anyone...

The Consecration of the world to Immaculate Heart of Mary was made on 31 October. By that time Fr Pinho had been removed as Alexandrina’s director; by the time his departure for Brazil had become a reality, Alexandrina felt deceived, because in paying attention to promises like those contained in what Jesus said here, she believed, even to the last, that he would not go. But Jesus explained to her then that she had misinterpreted His words.

The task of the victim-soul is not easy.

Alexandrina was now to begin her perpetual fast.


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