Alexandrina de Balasar



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April 3 - First Saturday

— My daughter, raise your his eyes to Heaven, have courage, Jesus will sustain you. The end is approaching. The fight will be fierce.

My daughter, my daughter, if you were loved by the world you would not be as Jesus. Some firm and strong friends remain for you, like your Spouse Jesus. Cheer up, beloved! What a great grace for you to resemble Me!

Little daughter, little daughter, cheer up: how many, how many after your death will weep over their faults, their sins! How many, how many after your death will want to speak with you, to ask you for forgiveness because they had hounded you and fought you!

Little daughter, little daughter, tell your Dear Father (Padre Pinho) that, while still on earth, many will ask him for forgiveness; that his humility will be exalted. Tell him that all this suffering has purified his heart and his soul, which is now more pure than gold. Tell him that he had to undergo go all this harassment so that the Cause of Jesus shines as I will it to shine. Tell him that I love him passionately and that I have him under the protection of my divine love. O my beloved little daughter, tell your dear Father that his place in Heaven is reserved next to the Blessed Trinity. Tell him that all this fight on earth is coming to an end. Do you trust me, do you trust me, my daughter?

— O my Jesus, how could I not trust on You? You do not deceive! Whoever trusted you and was confused? Be our strength, Jesus, and stop so much suffering.

— Bend down, my blessed Mother, stoop to kiss and hug your little daughter, my spouse and my crucified one.

— Heavenly Mother, look after me, look after my dear Father, look after those I love. Between Jesus and Heavenly Mother I am safe; I am not in danger.

— Little daughter, speak to your doctor (Dr. Dias de Azevedo), tell him that he will stay in Heaven alongside his wife, surrounded by all his children as a chorus of angels; it is the prize of his fidelity to my grace.

— Jesus, Heavenly Mother, do not separate Yourself from me any more!

— Do not be afraid, you're not alone. The time will come when the whole world will want to put itself under your grace, your purity, your love for Jesus.

— O Jesus, I am humiliated. Prostrate at your divine feet I feel ashamed. But may everything You will come about, and may everything be as You say.

— Beloved of Jesus, beloved of Mary, beloved of the Holy Trinity, beloved of the whole heavenly Court.

— O Jesus, I am a filthy rag on which all wipe their feet, how can You say such beautiful things about me?!... Thank you, my love.

April 24

After receiving our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and after making many requests, I said Him, Do You give peace, do You give peace, my Jesus?

— Yes, my daughter, yes. I give peace, not because the world deserves it, but because you ask me for it so much, my little crazy one, my beloved. Trust, trust!

May 1 - First Saturday

— My daughter, my daughter, how beautiful is a soul in grace! What beauty, what charms are those of a spouse of Jesus! Jesus fell in love with His Alexandrina, and prepared her so that she might be His richest tabernacle on earth. Cheer up, my little crazy one, cheer up with your Jesus.

May the world say what it likes, do what it likes, Jesus is yours, all yours, you belong to Him, wholly to Him. The blindness of the disciples of Jesus, and of those who all themselves friends, grieves Me more than the crimes of sinners. Jesus sacrifices His victims to save them. Yet many who have always had the divine light do not want it, do not search for it, they try to undermine the most sublime plans of Jesus, those for whom He has prepared the riches of earth, the greatest glory for Himself and for the benefit of souls.

Courage, courage, little daughter, who possesses Jesus doesn’t fear, who has Him has all power.
Courage, courage, O my beloved: these are the last battles: after them comes Heaven!

Tell, O little daughter, tell your dear Father that although Jesus does not want  new examinations, He will consent to them, but here in the place where He has put you. They are hard trials for you and for him, but indeed it is also the greatest proof of the love that Jesus has for his little crazy one and her director, chosen by Him. Tell him that I love you and I am with you.

Speak, my little daughter, tell your doctor that he was the favorite to take on so noble a mission, that I want him to conduct it forcefully, showing himself to the doctors and to the world as a brave soldier who fears nothing. He is a warrior in the Cause of Jesus. I want him to go forward: the doctors may diagnose you, but they must approach with wisdom.

— O my Jesus, and You, don’t fail me with your divine grace and strength?

— No, no, dear little girl, trust in your Jesus and in your dear heavenly Mother, who won’t fail to lavish you with the grace and strength of Heaven.

— Thank you, my Jesus, I trust in you, I am only misery. I want to forget what I am to trust only in you.

May 13

Jesus, give me strength to open my heart more fully with You this time. It is the little daughter who comes to her Father to ask for help in her fight for life.

If the thorns that hurt me and the steep slopes of my Calvary lead me to the greatest disappointment, leave me on the ground in the darkest night and in the most acute and profound sufferings, I know that on the other hand, the sweet and gentle voice that I hear repeatedly ("Courage, my daughter, because it is for Me; cheer up, because it is Jesus!") requires me to rise and to press on though exhausted. Jesus calls me, He wants His souls. And in which direction am I going? Poor as I am, I’m blind and can see nothing.

When I struggle to my feet, I have no light for the way, I do not hear your divine voice calling me. My God, if You fail me, I have nobody! Have compassion on me, let me see how what the men took away from me leads me by a right and safe path to your divine Heart. How many hate and despise me! How many taunt me!

I ask myself saying: What harm did I do them?, and what comes to mind is: What did Jesus do that was  wrong except to love us and to die for us? And then I feel obliged to forgive them and to repeat often: Forgive them, my Jesus, allow them to be converted and inflamed with your divine love.

But only You, my love, know my pain and bitterness. I feel so alone! A fire that burned and destroyed everything surrounded me. I lost everything. But not You, my Jesus, You come down from Heaven to earth, to my room in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass...

What longing, what pain: they stole everything that was mine! Have pity, Jesus, for this little breath of life which is no longer even like that of a person in agony who can only breathe sporadically. Look, Jesus, is even worse. My breathing is slow, it seems to take days and days, and this is how I am losing my life. I am a light that goes out never to be lit again. It seems that my eyes have lost the light of the earth; I cannot live the human life. But despite all this I trust in You. Let my confidence stretch as far as it can: let it grow as vast as possible.

It was in your blessed arms that I delivered myself and in your most holy Heart that I made my home. To live and to die with You how sweet it is, my Jesus! What more is yet to come? Come what will come, bound with the chains of your love I fear nothing.

The storm does not cease. I hear the howl of the angry and destructive winds. I hear the echo of the thunder that is shaking everything.

Let me, O Jesus, or rather, allow me to fix forever my gaze into your divine eyes so that I never withdraw them from You, so that I see the whole martyrdom as coming from You, and so that I don’t fear anything, but that I remain strong with You. I wish to fear only sin and always have before me my misery. What am I without Jesus? How can I respond to that love without equal with which I have been loved? Poor me! How did I dare to offend You?

May 27

— My daughter, my daughter, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, because you have nothing to fear. You have in you the power of Heaven and earth. The Flesh and the Blood of Jesus is your food. Carve in your heart my divine Image and at the moments of your affliction look at it and contemplate Me crucified. Have courage! It is the wave of crimes that spreads over the world. Feel pity for my pain. Make reparation to Me, my daughter, pray for sinners. Have courage! My divine Will will be fulfilled. My daughter, my daughter, my love!

He was hugging me, He was caressing me, He was kissing me and, at the same time that I was receiving the kisses of Jesus, I felt strength entering my heart. Oh, how good is Jesus! How He and only He is the strength of the weak ones!


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