Alexandrina de Balasar




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June 5 - First Saturday

― The faithful soul does not fear the cross; she takes it, embraces it, caresses it, accepts it for love alone! The thorns with which Jesus adorns his crucified ones on earth will become petals of the most beautiful and luxuriant roses in Heaven. But more, they will become pearls, precious stones. How charming for Jesus is a virgin who gives herself wholly to Him and suffers everything for Him!

― My Jesus, I give myself to You, I suffer for You: wrench my heart with pain; I want to love You, I want to give souls to You. Cover all my poor body with thorns, for what am I without You? Misery, my Jesus, only misery.

― You are great, you are strong, my beloved. You will be great for the world and great in the eyes of God. You are rich, you are rich, my love, with the greatest gifts and the greatest riches of Heaven. How beautiful is God, how beautiful is Jesus and how beautiful he makes His souls! My dear love-crazed one, my hero, You will give the greatest proof, the final proof of your love for Jesus and for souls (in the Refuge of Infantile Paralysis, in Foz do Douro, Porto). Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, Jesus and Mary are with you, the Holy Spirit will enlighten you always. You are the richest treasure chest that Jesus has on earth, you have much to distribute among souls.

― O Jesus, I depend on all the grace, strength and love of Heaven.

― Tell your Dear Father Confessor that Jesus chose you, tell your doctor that Jesus trusts you, tell your dear sister who suffers with you in your pains, tell everyone who helps you climb the painful Calvary that the first blessings, the first graces and all that belongs to Heaven will be for them. Tell your Dear Father that already here on earth he has a divine throne in my heart. Tell him that Jesus and Mary love him greatly. Tell him that, as he has done in this fight, to follow you always, always with prayers, always, always with that union of souls with which I united you both. Tell your doctor to be strong with the strength of my divine Heart; to go along with you, always, to help you carry the cross; to depend always on the grace and blessings of the Lord for himself and for his family; they will all have the grace of final perseverance. Jesus caresses you, the Heavenly Mother caresses you: these caresses are the tenderness, gentleness and love of Heaven.

― Take comfort, O my dear daughter, spouse of my Jesus, salvation of all my children.

How you are loved by the whole heavenly court!

These last words were spoken by the Heavenly Mother.

July 6

On the eve of my departure, after having offered the sacrifice of my departure to Our Lord, long before dawn, in a deep unburdening of heart, I said: O my Jesus, I just want to do your holy will. At once I heard Him in His infinite goodness:

― Courage, my daughter, only a more few days! This is my cause, it is for the dear lambs of my divine Heart.

July 13 – After Holy Communion

In the midst of a great discouragement of soul, I asked Jesus for comfort and He said me:

― Cheer up, cheer up, my daughter, and keep your sister cheerful. You are returning to your dear house, the light is already lit. Happy those who seek to see by it and let themselves be lead through these times! Cheer up, because it is Jesus. I shall not demand more sacrifice of this kind, nor shall I allow them to. You will go free from danger. Jesus continues perform do His miracles. Go on until you fly up from earth to Heaven.

August 7 – First Saturday

― Transports of love, joy upon joy, songs of praise! Jesus comes, Mary comes to the nest of their lovers. They come fulfilling their promise and to make up for their absence last Saturday. It wasn’t fitting that Jesus should speak in that painful prison. See Him now radiant, see Him overjoyed, and with His blessed Mother. He is now in His tabernacle, in His established house on earth. Your pain was acute, dear little daughter, hard too was the suffering of your dear sister in that prison. Onward! It was for Jesus, it was for His glory, it was for the salvation of thousands and thousands of sinners. What triumph for the Heart of your Jesus, your spouse! See Him being exalted, see Him being glorified in his dear humiliated ones. Jesus is pleased with such glory, such triumph. It is enough, it is enough now, my daughter, you needn’t leave your little room any more; the paradise of Jesus, His refuge on this earth. See Him, see Him happy and joyful. It is Jesus showing your dear Father how much He loves him. It is Jesus showing the world how much He loves his dear foolish spouse, how much He has been glorified through her.

Speak, daughter, speak, my love; tell your dear Father, tell your doctor that all their humiliations will be exalted. Jesus is grateful to them for the success, for the achievement of His cause. Men tried to stamp it into the earth, Jesus kept watch while they worked together. Nothing that is of Jesus falls, in the midst of storms it is safe, glows, triumphs. Jesus reigns with His dear love-crazed one. Jesus triumphs with the loved ones of his beloved.

― O my Jesus, thank you very much. Triumph and reign for your glory, to save souls. I want to be little in the eyes of the world, but great in love, great in the power of saving souls for You, with this power that is yours, with this power that belongs only to You.

― Immerse yourself, immerse yourself, dear little daughter, in the love of Jesus and of your dear Heavenly Mother; give it as you want to my beloved souls who are your loved ones. The caresses of Jesus, the caresses of Mary, the divine madness of love.

September 4 - First Saturday

― I am so good, my daughter! The dwelling which is your heart is so delicious and sweet! Be joyful, console yourself; you are the palace where Jesus dwells. What charming and fragrant flowers adorn this heart! Do you know, daughter, do you know, love, What these are? They are your virtues, your pain, These are the gifts with which your Husband enriches you. They are cumulative gifts of God. You are the lily, you are the Madonna lily which enchants Jesus. You are the little  violet, purple and hidden. Your humility enchants heaven and earth.

Sigh, little one, don’t delay, yearn for my country, for it is your homeland too: I created you for it. Your place is high, so high, together with the Divine. Only there will you really know the value of suffering. Only there you will see the mission entrusted to you. Thousands and thousands of sinners saved by you will sing beautiful hymns to you on your arrival! All heaven waits to pay you tribute. You are the dear spouse, most beloved of Jesus.

― O my Jesus, I do not know what to say to You. You clothe me with what is yours, with what pleases You. You cover the enormity of my miseries with your brilliance, your magnitude. Take pity on me, Jesus!

― Jesus, your love, by love enriched. And you, faithful spouse, matched love for love and were faithful. The work is done, your mission on earth is almost accomplished. Tell your little Father that, as evidence of my love for him, and that he is the son of my predilection,  I chose him from the Company (of Jesus)  to set before you, that I gave you to him so that he could guide you to Me. I love him, he has been most faithful to my Divine Heart. Tell your doctor that the proof of my divine love for him was to choose him to perform difficult tasks. They were full of thorns, but of great joy and consolation to me. My blessings and my love I shower on him in all their abundance. His dear children are the pearls are of my divine Heart, They are jewels from the richest caskets of the treasures of Jesus, always on display. O my daughter, O love, receive the caresses of Jesus, receive the tenderness of your dear Mother.

― Little daughter, little daughter, save humanity with me, save me Portugal with me! You are the dearest spouse of Jesus, you are the beloved daughter of my most holy Heart. O little Mother, O little Mother, accept my pains, save humanity with them, Save our beloved Portugal with them.

― It is saved, it is saved, it is saved with pain and love.

― Thank you, little Mother! Give thanks to Jesus for me.


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