Alexandrina de Balasar



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September 18

― My daughter, love, love, love! Your heart and mine is but one; you are transformed into me. I am your life: you have no human life, you have the divine life. You have no life on earth, you live the life of Heaven. Your life will always have thorns, one thorn will pierce another thorn and thus crucified like me you will journey to Heaven impaled on the cross for the love of Me. Ask Me, my daughter, ask Me what you want: in the name of my divine blood and in the name of the sufferings of my Blessed Mother, you will achieve everything.

October 2 – First Saturday

― I am resting in my palace, a palace enriched with divine treasures. It is very rich your heart. What a beautiful adornment for Me, my daughter! I rejoice in you, I delight in you, you are the fragrant garden, you are the garden adorned with all flowers. And I rejoice because I am the Lord of all this, I take pleasure in the scent of so many beautiful flowers. The world does not know you, my beloved? I know you, Jesus knows you. You're beautiful, you are beautiful, you are rich, and rich you will be in both Heaven and earth. Whoever calls on your name when you are in heaven, never will call on it in vain. You will be powerful with the Almighty.

The words of your Spouse Jesus will be fulfilled, they will be fulfilled literally, literally, my beloved. Your thorns will turn into roses, your martyrdom into paradise. Everything, everything, is for the salvation of sinners, and consolation for Me. The sun shines, the light appears. The light of the humble ones shines now: they triumph and they are exalted. My daughter, my daughter, my charming one: tell your dear Father (Padre Pinho) that the fire of my divine heart is burning for him. My divine home is his home, it is the furnace in which he will live forever, on earth and in the Heaven. Because of his humility I will give him the power to attract all souls to Me, those eager to possess Me and those that are far from my Divine Heart. It is Me, Jesus, who always speaks through his lips. When he spreads the blessing out on my children, it is Me who blesses them. I give him all the power on earth to ignite hearts and souls, and to convert sinners. He can expect everything from Me, because I get everything from him. Tell your doctor, my daughter, that his family is by blessed Us, under the shadow of the mantle of my blessed Mother and in the warmth of the rays of my Divine Heart. The garden will be cultivated by Us; Mary and I, We are the gardeners. If he be faithful, it will be the richest home in all Portugal: rich in graces, full of love, rich for Heaven. I give you everything that is mine, my love, so that you give everything in my name to all who love you, to those surrounding you, and who defend and protect you. I give you everything that is mine so that you give to all humanity. I nominate you its protector.

― O my Jesus, I am ashamed. Oh, how small I feel myself to be! I deserve only hell, I am not worthy of your blessings. You distribute your graces. Take my hands, use them; accept all my body, it is your instrument; work, Jesus, do not cease. Souls are being lost, the world is in danger.

― Receive, little girl, the caresses of your Jesus, of your Heavenly Mother; receive our power. You are all ours, you are all ours, you are our infant daughter, you are the spouse of my Jesus. Receive our kisses, comfort for everything.

― Thank You, thank You, Heavenly Mother! Thank You, thank You, Jesus!

31 October – Transformation of the soul

On the day of Christ the King, I felt myself as if my body and my spirit had died, and my existence in the world was completely finished. The pain that this caused is indescribable. But even more: I felt myself to be in Purgatory! What pain, my God, what pain! For some days now I have felt fires passing over me; I thought that it was the effect of the burning thirst that I continually felt, but I was wrong. The blazes continued; they were not the blaze of fire of the earth: they had a lovely glow. They passed over me for hours on end tormenting my body and all its senses. They reached their highest point and all my being was enmeshed in them. They caused me unspeakable pains. But nevertheless I felt I needed to plunge into them so that they might purify me. As a crazy butterfly around a flame I, too, was delirious and wanted to embrace that fire which tormented but did not destroy, living only in desire: released from here and going to my Jesus. I did not know the meaning of all this suffering. I knew enough to feel, and nothing else. Jesus came to explain it.

November 6 – First Saturday

― You are, my daughter, in the possession of your God. Your life has nothing human left, it is only divine: you are already living the life of Heaven here. The adornment that I give to my dearest spouses are thorns, the sharpest thorns. But you transform them with such gentleness and love that they turn all in precious stones.

What charm, what wealth is your heart, O my beautiful dove! The ermine admits no stain, increasingly it grows whiter and purer. Did you feel, my daughter, that your spirit was dead? I was I who permitted you to feel this: it died to the world, that it might live more fully in Heaven.

The affliction you felt in the fire of Purgatory was genuine, it is the reality. I am purifying you so that after your death you will not have to go  there: so that you will come straight to Me. My Blessed Mother wanted you to know what our dear souls suffer there so that you will make the world know it. Suffer everything, offer everything for them. But do not be afraid, my love, my charm, you are supported by Me and by my Blessed Mother; you will not fall, you will not falter. We are delighted with you, She and I. We protect you more, much more than a mother protects her baby through day and night. You are the joy of Jesus, you are the joy of Mary. Looking up to you, We forgot the sins of the guilty earth, of humanity lost without you. Soon, soon you will come to Heaven, but trust, my daughter, your dear father will come too. His mission is not yet over, it still continues; it still continues while you live and even after your death. He is the gem of my Company, therefore I chose him to guide you to Me. I love him more than the pupils of my eyes. Tell him again that I send him all my wealth and love and grace to win souls for me. He does not delay, my daughter, to give you the light you need. Also tell your doctor, my charming one, tell him with all sincerity that for the mission I confided to him, for the mission that concerns you and which he is fulfilling with such great love and good will, I will give him and his wife the light and grace to fulfill his domestic mission, to guide, to direct by the safest way all his children to Me. My blessings and love fall upon them with all the abundance. They are mine, all mine, all for Me, all for Heaven.

― O my Jesus, I am humiliated and confused in front of You. I do not deserve anything; thank You, Jesus.

― Yes, you do not deserve anything, my daughter: I make it so that you deserve everything. I created you so beautiful and lovely to my divine eyes, to those of my Blessed Mother. Receive our caresses, receive all our love, receive all the light and grace of the Holy Spirit with the promise that you do no wrong and that my divine promises will be fulfilled.

― O Jesus, O Mother, they are caresses of  a Mother, but only a Mother like You! How sweet are your kisses, dear Mother, they fill me with you, they give me the strength to live, the courage to fight!


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