Alexandrina de Balasar


— 18 —


September 5 - First Saturday

— The suffering of the beloved souls and the victims of Jesus are His glory, His triumph. How sublime, how beautiful is the path of the elected
ones of the Lord! The crucified one of Jesus suffers with the souls that surround her, but the day will soon come when all the pain will be transformed into joy.

Jesus is happy, Jesus has found consolation in those who suffer. Pain is the greatest proof of the love of Jesus towards the soul and of the soul towards Jesus. Pain is the salvation of sinners.

— Jesus, has my martyrdom saved many souls?

— Thousands, thousands; soon you will see, little impetuous one of Jesus.

— Jesus, that Father Joseph about whom You complained some time ago, and for whom I was suffering, is he saved?

— He is, yes, my little one. He is saved, but he is deep in Purgatory. He needs prayers, many prayers. He offended Jesus very much, but his contrition, his pain, were great. What immense fortune for a crucified spouse of Jesus to give Him souls that have hurt and injured Him so much!

— Blessed be all the pain that You give me, blessed be the curing of souls!

— Listen, beloved daughter. In the name of Jesus tell your dear Father, assure him, that he is greatly loved by Jesus and Mary. The love of Jesus surpasses all abandonment by men.

Men are blind, but the time will come that they will cry over their blindness. Jesus reigns, Jesus triumphs, Jesus did not will that His favorite son should give up his position. He will always be, in time and in eternity, the spiritual father, the guide and light of the Jesus’s little love-crazed girl.

Jesus requests that the doctor of His crucified one asks the Archbishop to take up His triumphant cause of the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin-Mother.

May they listen to the voice of Jesus, may they be intent on saving the world, on saving Portugal.

Jesus loves Dr. Azevedo and showers upon him all His love and divine graces. May the investigations come if that’s what they want, but without much delay, because Heaven is approaching.

— Jesus, thank You for your caresses and for those of our Heavenly Mother who has me in Her arms; She kisses me and caresses me sweetly.

September 20

Triumph in me, my Jesus.

I feel that the way I have so bitterly followed is coming to an end and that I have been treading it only for your love, and for souls.

I can almost enter Heaven; the storm is abating at the expense of much pain. How torrential the rain! What fury, what fury that has wounded my poor heart so much!

Blessed be You, my Love, blessed be your most holy hand that is clearing from my way everything that hinders me from following You.

I feel that the Heaven is almost fully open to receive me. Can I go in now, my Jesus?

I do not know what the present state of my soul is. It seems me that I am between Purgatory and Heaven; most of the time I feel neither great pain nor great joy. However, sometimes – have pity on me, Jesus –  I see myself on the edge of the abyss with  nothing to support me, and I am about to fall into it. And then You come to free me from the horror, You support me, steer me away from it. And then I see myself once more entrusted to the love of your blessed Heart, living in hope.

I do not fall, Jesus safeguards me, Jesus sustains me. And, little crazy one for You that I am, I fling myself into Your divine arms and I feel that, with abundant love, You enclose and cherish me.

With Jesus, all bitterness is sweet, all pain becomes smooth. Ah, if only souls knew the love of Jesus!...

September 30, after Holy Communion

I felt that Jesus united His divine lips with my lips, and also united His divine Heart to my heart, opening up to receive me entirely, and said to me:

— My daughter, lips to lips, heart to heart, love to love to burn in a single divine fire.

My daughter, I have asked reparation from you for all things, finally I am asking reparation for gluttony; I will not ask any more.

I am so offended! People steal, trample underfoot the food of the poor. The longing you feel for food is the longing that sinners have for satisfying their appetites, their passions. The hunger that you feel for food is the hunger I have to possess souls. Everything ends, but not like my “soons”.

How great is your glory! The world does not understand you, cheer up; they didn’t understand Me either, and many don’t still understand Me.

October 3 - First Saturday

— Jesus is profoundly hurt and saddened by the sins of the world. He bleeds, bleeds continuously. What a encrustation of thorns, what sea of pain in His divine Heart!

Make haste! Make haste to consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Jesus asks no more, but to remind men of is divine wishes.

Jesus asks no more, but to indicate to men the means, the path of salvation for humanity.

Make haste! Make haste to consecrate the world to its Queen. Then peace will come, the sun will shine on all humanity.

Jesus does not fail to fulfill what He promises. Jesus triumphs and shines His bright and divine sun on souls. Jesus welcomes and is pleased with His victim-souls.

Jesus welcomes and finds consolation in the souls that love Him.

Make haste! Make haste! Come to Jesus, it is He who calls you.

Jesus would like to infuse Himself into hearts and souls, to be a fire in them, a fire of love alone.

Today Jesus wants, more than ever, to make Himself known to all His children.

It is through the little one, crazy for the Eucharist, it is through the crucified of Calvary that Jesus is being and will be widely known and loved through the ages.

— O my Jesus, those are my wishes. May there be no moment in my life where I say ‘No!’ to You. Reign, reign for ever in my poor heart.

— It is not poor, beloved daughter, it is not poor, dear daughter. You have the brightness, the candor of the lily, of the Easter lily. You are very rich, you have the divine wealth. You mirror the charm and attractiveness of the divine Trinity, you are the glory of the celestial court.

— O my Jesus, if it is so, as I believe, all the brightness and beauty is yours, all the wealth belongs to You. I'm poor, I am nothing!

— Listen, little daughter. Tell your spiritual father that the divine Heart of Jesus is open for him, that it loves him passionately and wildly. The clearest proof that Jesus gives you is to allow him to undergo such great suffering and humiliation, to be a reflection of Jesus Himself.

Tell your doctor, tell that great soul, say to that man who infuses my divine light and love into hearts, that I love him with a great love, and that the more he takes care of Me, and of my cause, the more I will love him. The work is of God, and God will ever triumph.

— Thank You, thank You, my Jesus!

In the sentence “Everything ends, but not like my “soons” (“breves”), Jesus uses the word soon in a different sense to that which He usually applies it. Sometimes soon can mean much time, because of being said regarding eternity; here Jesus affirms that the word is used in its temporal context.

We must not forget that Alexandrina had been wrong four years regarding mystic death. Indeed she is now also deceived in thinking that she will soon go to Heaven. (Moreover she believes that, with the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, her mission will come to an end).


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