Alexandrina de Balasar



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January 2, 1943 - First Saturday

— In the divine heat the soul feels well. Jesus takes His delights in the heart of His spouse. Loved, loved, loved, get ready for Heaven. A year ago Jesus warned his beloved of the fight, now he gives her a foretaste of Heaven. Heaven is rich, and full of enchantment. The prize is immensely valuable, is the crown is of precious pearls.

— Little daughter, O beautiful one of Jesus, tell your spiritual Father (Padre Pinto) that he will receive everything, everything from Heaven through this channel of Jesus. Jesus loves him with the fullness of love. Jesus will give him everything through His love-crazed one of the Eucharist. Jesus will give him everything that he prepared for him and guide him through. What rewards, what rewards he will receive from Jesus even while he is still on earth!

O beloved daughter, O dear daughter, you will receive from Jesus all the graces, all the love that you Him ask for. You will give the prize, you will give love to those who are dear to you. You will give the prize, you will give love and all the graces of Jesus to your doctor (Dr. Azevedo) and all his family. Jesus is very rich and He makes his spouse rich. She will keep vigil in Heaven for those who have cared for her on earth. She will be the richest jewel, the crucible that refines sinners. The sinners get rich and are saved through the beloved one of Jesus.

— O Jesus, O Jesus, I am not worthy that You say so much to me. I do not deserve to hear your sweet words, but, as You deign to speak to me, hear me: Give me my dear spiritual Father, transform the hearts of the men, take me as a victim for all those who have made me suffer. Take me to Heaven, take me, take me, but do not deprive me of my spiritual Father; I want him, I want to open my soul to him. I trust that You will not fail your promises, I swear You that I trust You and place all hope in You.
— Trust, trust, daughter, your Jesus will not fail you.

February 6 - First Saturday

— O my daughter, how great is the love of your Jesus for you! Jesus gave his Benjamin all the richness of His heart. Jesus gave the love-crazed one of the Eucharist all the divine fire that the burns in Him. Jesus is beauty and He transforms the heart and soul of His spouse into beauty. If the world knew the beauty and richness of the beloved of Jesus, it would kneel on seeing her. The plenitude of Divine grace enwraps her, all the wealth of Heaven fills her.

— O my Jesus, if I am so bad, what did You find in me to charm You? Do You not see all the misery in me; have You forgotten how much I offended You?

— Jesus forgets everything, as well as His crazy one’s wish that He forgive the crimes of sinners. How sublime are your wishes, O my daughter, O my dear spouse! At the sight of them, at the sight of so much compassion, Jesus has to forgive the sinners.

— Yes, my Jesus, I want You to forgive, I want You to forget all the offenses: they are your children. Considering that they cost your blood, I cannot refuse any suffering for them.

— You don’t refuse it, O daughter, and Jesus accepts your offer. Your reward is ready, your crown is complete, the angels have it in their hands to crown you, they are ready, they are anxious to come down and crown you.

— O my Jesus, I desire to fly to you. I desire to leave this world which I hate so much.

— It won’t be long before you leave it; many will see you leaving them with great sadness. Tell your spiritual father he is in my divine Heart, tell him that Jesus said it. He is the master, he is the guide, he is always the director and the spiritual Father of your soul. Tell him to take literally everything I have said you. I want his love to be known. Speak, my daughter, tell your doctor that my divine love and my divine grace cover him. Tell him that I support him, tell him that I keep all his children: they are for me, Heaven is for all of them. Receive now the caresses of your, and my, dear Mother, receive them, too, from Jesus.

— Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Heavenly Mother!

March 6 - First Saturday

— Life in pain, life in peace and in the love of Jesus. Love elevates the soul, purifies it, sanctifies it. To enjoy Jesus is to enjoy Heaven on earth.

Little daughter, little daughter, Jesus loves you, Jesus wants you in his kingdom. Little daughter, little daughter, Jesus loves you and His Blessed Mother loves you with the greatest possible love. Your place in Heaven is near Her throne. Your crown shines there above with all brilliance and purity. How charming your place among the most pure virgins! Give souls, gives souls, my daughter, give soul to your Jesus.

Give fire, give fire, my daughter, give fire to your spiritual Father so that he gives it to souls. Jesus loves him with the fullness of love and gives him the light to guide and lead them. Give, my daughter, give your doctor the blessing of Jesus, for him and for his all children. Give, little daughter, give to those who love you the divine fire, the love of Jesus; love that burns you and consumes you, love that is your life and will be your death.

Promulgate and spread on the earth the love that will be the salvation of poor humanity, of the corrupt humanity, of guilty mankind.

Little daughter, beloved daughter, listen to your dear Heavenly Mother:

— I love you, love you and I give to you the tenderness and love of my Most Holy Heart. I give you my purity, I give you my grace, you are the charm of Jesus, nothing will be denied you, neither by Me nor by Him. Ask, ask, ask to distribute. Receive and give to those who love you, to those who are loved by Us. Ask, receive and give to sinners; I sigh that they will reconcile themselves with my Jesus, so that they will all be saved. Receive the caresses of Jesus, receive those of your Heavenly Mother.

— Heavenly Mother! Heavenly Mother! They are so sweet and so tender your caresses!

Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Heavenly Mother: do with me what you want!

March 24

After the Holy Communion

— In the shadow of the Eucharist. This is food that creates virgins, the purest, the most loved and dear to my Divine Heart. How great is your debt to Me, my daughter, how great is your debt to Me, my beloved, you and all mankind, because I have established this sacred food! How well I feel Myself, my crazy one, under the refuge of your heart! I find in it all the wealth, all the purity, all the candor, all the love. I find in it everything that Jesus expects from a soul that only belongs to Him. I give Myself to you for love, you are my paradise on earth.


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