The Stained Glass Windows of Balasar Church


Those who give their attention to the stained glass windows of the Parish Church of Balasar cannot fail to notice their rare quality. Their subject matter is concerned with Bld Alexandrina’s mystical experiences and are a result of the contribution of Fr Francisco and Professor Antunes, of Porto; of course Fr Francisco provided the theological matter that he wished to be transmitted and Professor Antunes translated it into art. The actual work was done by Casa Antunes.

The first to be made was the great stained glass of the Assumption, on the main door, which shows Our Lady, our heavenly Mother, rising and inviting worshipers to follow her to heaven. It is complemented with two small stained glass above the main altar, that speak of this assumption:

one (on the right) is inspired by the episode of Elias who was tired and asked God to take him but was urged by angel to continue his journey to the mountain of God; that on the left more directly concerns Alexandrina and shows us a way full of thorns but that leads to the Gates of Glory.

The second set of stained glass windows, those on the side, are very curious.

On the right, above, is a great panel of the Descent of the Holy Spirit. Under the feet of Holy Mary and the Apostles is the globe representing the mission of the Church, as well as that of Alexandrina, “to the ends of the earth”.


Below, moved by the same Holy Spirit, Alexandrina participates in the redemptive suffering of Christ: she completes what is wanting to His Passion, according to the well-known line of S. Paul.



On the left, above, can be seen the panel of the Last Supper: all the Apostles, with the exception of Judas (who is settled back in his chair planning treason), are concentrating in the Eucharistic mystery.

Below, Alexandrina is immersed in the waves of love from the Eucharist: “It is no more I who live, it is Christ who lives in me”, she would say.



Other artistic products


Artists of some countries have put their creativity at the service of the dissemination of Alexandrina’s life and the work.

The author of the expressive, beautiful watercolours for the booklet Anima Pura Cuore di Fuoco is the Italian, Felicina Sesto.



Another collaborator of the Signoriles was the capuchin Friar, Damaso, who illustrated the cover of Figlia del Dolore Madre di Amore and of Mio Signore Mio Dio!

Closer to our time, Graziella Sarno painted the Pastorela che conduce al Cuore di Gesù (Little shepherd who leads to the Heart of Jesus) and did the illustration for the cover of Solo per Amore!

In 2006, Domenica Ghidotti painted Alexandrina’s excellent icon, a copy of which came to Balasar in 2007.


The ceramics piece that illustrates the cover of the Japanese edition of The Passion of Jesus in Alexandrina Maria da Costa, in which the Beata encircles the world with a Rosary, also comes from Italy. The piece belongs to a private collection.


The author of an Alexandrina picture that had much exposure at the time of the Beatification, and which appears on the Vatican website, is Portuguese. Perhaps its oldest known copy is that which can be found in an edition of Uma Vítima da Eucaristia.


The author of the Beatification panel was an Italian. Initially there were three proposals for artwork, one of which figures on the cover of a Salesian book (in it, Alexandrina appears as a likeable adolescent).


Cover of Zampilli Incandescenti is by Brenda Hunter: in it Alexandrina communicates to humanity the intimate life that she lives with her Jesus.


This reliquary is of Portuguese provenance. Three copies of it were made by Gomes Jewellers, in Póvoa de Varzim: one for the Vatican, one for the Archdiocese and one for Balasar.

Along with these visual artists, one or two poet, and musical composers have contributed to spreading knowledge of the Beata of Balasar. The following poem (originally a sonnet) is perhaps the most notable case of literary endeavour:




An iris of purity…
How much she loved chastity and lived for it alone.
The good Jesus in the Holy Eucharist
Was her passion and what she longed for! …


She felt such a burning desire
To take the faith to all humanity…
But on her bed of pain there was only slow agony…
What resignation and humility!


She asked the Lord for more suffering for souls…
And God heard her voice…
How many years she suffered, without a moan!


Oh, how many times with Jesus alone
In the Holy Host… her only food! …
Lord’s elect, pray for us!


Deolinda Rodrigues, 6/8/1977
(Bulletin of Graces, December 1977)


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