Alexandrina's intercession

I have chosen you for the happiness of many souls

The value of Alexandrina’s intercession is exalted by Jesus in her writings in terms that haunt us. Soon in 1934, Jesus declared to her: 

I have chosen you for the happiness of many souls. 

13 years later, on 7 June 1946, He assured her:

All the souls that visit you, will have their names enrolled by your Angel in my Heart, and will be saved.

 Even those who visit you through curiosity, or even ill will. 

Your pain will be an invincible force that saves all. 

This is all part of the mission that I entrusted to you, the noblest and most sublime mission. 

Still in the same year, on 25 October, this promise was corroborated and extended: 

All the souls that visit you, sinners or those thirsting for Me, will be saved, unless they abuse my promise and, taking it for granted continue in their life of sin, their life of offending Me. 

After your death, all those sinners that are recommended to you will be saved. 

And do you know who will bring all their prayers and messages to you in Heaven?  It will be your Guardian Angel. 

How beautiful and glorious is your mission!  How much Jesus has enriched you! 

What a great proof of love for the world! 

On 8 April 1949 Our Lady had spoken to her in this way: 

Let me cover you with my mantle of sorrow, with my mantle of pain, so that, with this mantle as witness, you can be invoked at all times for the alleviation of all pains of the soul and the body. From earth, they will call on you in Heaven, calling you "Martyr of Pains", to obtain comfort and ease from human suffering. 


A promise of 1 May 1953: 

I repeat once more:  from Heaven, you will save so many souls it will be as if your martyrdom was protracted until the end of time. 

You will cancel many ills, all ills; but the souls, the souls...! 

I understand, Jesus, that the rain of your mercy for sinners will always fall, always. 

You have well understood everything I have said, my daughter.

You are the victorious heroine, the triumphant heroine:  you have triumphed one earth and will triumph in Heaven. 

I grant to you all the power to save them. 

It will never be in vain, a prayer directed to you on behalf of the souls, when you are in Heaven will never be in vain.  

For all this Alexandrina deserves, and is guaranteed, the credit: 

In Heavens I will be
as the poor blind man
on the roadside,
with out-stretched hand,
asking for alms. 

I will ask for graces
And then I will spread them
over the Earth. 

Alexandrina’s Miracles

The incidents of people who had asked Alexandrina’s intercession during her life on earth are countless.  Her biographers and friends, like Fr. Uumberto, tell us some of them.  The following ones were narrated by Dr. Jorge Barbosa, in Póvoa de Varzim, on 13 December 2002: 

Dona Margarida de Lacerda was married in Caramulo, in the centre of Portugal.  At one time she was very upset because her husband had cut off relations with parish priest, for reasons concerned with work on the parish church: if he saw the priest approaching on one side of the street he would cross to the other. It seemed that this state of affairs would never end. So Dona Margarida decided to go to Póvoa and to ask for Alexandrina’s intercession. 

She arrived at Calvary (name of the place where Alexandrina lived) and Alexandrina, as always in such situations, invited Dona Margarida to pray with her.

When Dona Margarida returned to Caramulo, her husband (who nothing knew about his wife’s recourse to Alexandrina) announced that he had spoken with the priest: he had seen him and had approached him to clarify the situation, because there were no reasons to continue with the cold shouldering. At what time did that happen?  At the exact time Alexandrina and Dona Margarida had prayed...

The second miracle, and the third, happened with children of this well-known physician. 

At the time of his first wife (Dona Maria Paz Varzim), the couple had a little girl who at night, insisted on being breast fed in order to sleep.  As she had already teeth, this hurt her mother very much.  So she went to Balasar.  After praying with Alexandrina, she returned home and from that night on the little girl fell asleep without further ado... 

The other girl, who was somewhat older, was in the habit of going, after lunch, to the priests’ house for catechism classes. One afternoon, however, she decided she didn’t want catechism lessons.  She muttered and resisted, stubbornly. 

Then mother asked for Alexandrina’s aid.  When she returned, she gave lunch to the girl who said without any fuss: 

– I want to go to my catechism class.

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