Alexandrina Society


The foundation of the Alexandrina Society

In the Blessed Alexandrina Society’s bulletin nº 44, we can read:

«Many people have asked about how the Alexandrina Society started and want to know more about the founder (Francis Reynolds).

Francis was born in Co. Cavan, Ireland, one of eight children. At his first Holly Communion, which was an extremely important event in Francis’s life, he had strong thoughts ob becoming a priest. Naturally, this made his Mother extremely happy as she was a very saintly woman and to have a Priest in the family would be the culmination of all her prayers. So, when a visiting Priest came to his school looking for vocations, Francis was the first to enthusiastically raise his hand, but to his shock and disappointment, he was simply passed by.

Some time after this, a Nun appeared to him. He can’t remember either being worried or frightened because the message she gave to him restored his confidence and certainly raised his spirits. ‘Don’t be upset, God wants you for something else’ – a thousand years in Heaven is as a minute but it took forty years for Francis to get his direction.

Around this time, Francis got a very definite urge to attend daily mass. He had been preying especially fir three people who were in need. One of these had been a patient in psychiatric hospital foe thirty years and Francis asked that this patient be restored to good health, if even only for one year. A short time after, she was discharged and was able to enjoy her first ever holiday. A year later, she died. The other two people who were in Francis’s prayers were suffering from cancer and they are alive to this day.

One morning when coming back from Mass, Francis found a few Religious leaflets and publications in his hallway. One of them had an extraordinary effect on him. When he picked it up, he felt a great Spiritual power coming from the picture and he began to feel very holy. Francis felt oblivious to his surroundings. It was a picture of a young woman called Alexandrina Maria da Costa. At this point Francis had never even heard of her but he instantly knew she was his. This may seem strange but it was how he felt at the time.

It was to take a long time to find out who she was. Enquiries yield no results. Priest and Nuns were consulted but nobody had heard of her. However, an address, in small print, at the end of the leaflet gave Francis his first clue. ‘St. Joseph’s, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan. He wrote to this address thinking it was a church and within a few days, e got his answer.

The Alexandrina Society was founded in May 1993 with their first Mass to inaugurate the Society.»

Growth and spread of the Society

A letter of Mrs Jocie Mc Evoy explains the beginnings of the Society and its growth and spread as follows:

«At the first meeting we probably had about 30 people. Today possibly 1000 or more. Not all very active but we have a marvellous ‘hard core’ – very loyal and never miss an opportunity to make Alexandrina known, as Jesus asked.

We have members in almost every part of Ireland. A good number in Britain, with a strong branch in Scotland. We also have a few members in the USA, Australia, Portugal (yes!), and have had enquiries from East Timor, Singapore, Kenya, and the Philippines and have sent material and tapes out to these places.

For a few years I correspond with a man in the Czech Republic who was writing a book on Alexandrina but I haven’t heard from him for a long time.

Our bulletin which is published 3 times annually keeps us up to date with what’s happening. Every year we have an Alexandrina day at our Lady’s shrine, Knock, Co. Mayo, Ireland. We get a good turnout for this which is always held on 1st Saturday in July.»

The purpose of the Society

A document of the Society exposes its purpose in this way:

«1. To try make known to as many as possible the wonderful spiritual life of Alexandrina.

2. To pray the Rosary daily – praying for the conversion of sinners. Also to remember in our prayers all members’ intentions.

3. To acknowledge favours received through Alexandrina’s intercession.

4. To pray for priests.»

Formation of new branches

The same document goes on appealing for the formation of new branches:

«As our membership has increased considerably it has been suggested that we form branches in various centres. Already we have had offers from Belfast, Derry, Enniskillen, Limerick and Mayo – for which we are most grateful.

Bearing in kind the purpose of the Society can you form an Alexandrina Society Prayer Group in your area? It might be the most important thing you will ever do.»

Blessed Alexandrina da Costa

        My Protectress

By Alexandrina Society Founder – Francis Reynolds


Alexandrina, as an unworthy sinner I ask you
To place me on a path of salvation,
To save my soul and help with your mission
Of saving other souls for God.


I implore you to plead for me
As I beg the grace to be holy,
To be pure, to be kind and to do
Only what is pleasing to God.


Then God will dwell in me and His blood
Will flow in my veins with my blood
And His Flesh will be with my flesh
And I will be with Jesus forever.


Oh, sweet and gentle Alexandrina, God gave
You power equal to that of the all-powerful and
Appointed you protectress of mankind. I ask you
To intercede for me in my time of need and protect
Me spiritually, physically and mentally through this
Day/night through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

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